Great Photographer Paul Conrad was a person full of colors in his life to this very day. In 2000, he earned his Bachelor of Arts in Western Kentucky University. He acted as a staff photographer for News Daily (1999-2000),The ASPEN (2001-2008), News and Eagle (2000-2001), Ogden Standard Examiner (1997), Bowling Green, College Heights Heralds, Colorado Mountain College(2004-2005). He also became a freelance photographer for The Denver Post, Rocky Mountain Post, Associated Press and so on. This experiences made him become famous as a photojournalist in the whole Bellingham, Washington. Currently he is working there and he is known for Pablo Conrad Photography in Bellingham. Besides these, he also has an experience in sports photography at PeeWee Football, Tenesee Titans Superbowl. He covered weather assignments about Hurricane Katrina that devastated the land of USA in 2005. He is good in his photo essays since he is an editor.

His current works:

He is working for the Bellingham Herald Photography, Northwest Conference Athletics, News and Sports Photography at Pablo Conrad Photography

Contributing photographer at Getty Images.

Sports photographer for the Northwest Conference Athletics and  Meridian High School.

As he is photographer, he is also an outdoor person who likes hiking and many outdoor activities.

Since he worked as a photographer for 15 years, his skills in these were polished:

Editorial, image-photography, portrait-photography, digital-photography, multimedia, studio lighting, newspapers, story-telling, commercial photography

He is now a successful photographer living in Bellingham with his beloved wife Heidi. Now he is busy for his career since he has lots of clients waiting for his service.