City Secrets: Rome

The City Secrets, Rome was written by Pablo Conrad with two other people. This book is an essential guide that unlocked the door of Rome for visitors. Wonderful arts, culture, architecture, magnificent attractions are all here organized by area, with maps, illustrations, colors and so on. This is for you!

The Colosseum. When visiting Rome, the famous Colosseum is never forgotten. Vatican is considered country. It is the smallest country in the world. Millions of tourists come all the from far places to visit this place. Must see the Pantheon, the oldest building still standing. Moving on, featuring the Roman Forum. Top sights like temple of Saturn and Vesta, Arc of Titus, church of San Luca and Maritna surround the place. Here, you can as well see the most important public building, visit famous coliseums, etc.

Heading to another magnificent view, the Trevi Fountain. It is remarkable as being the biggest baroque fountain in the city. Do not miss to visit this place in the evening, it illuminates more after dark. Planning to see oldest treasure in Rome? Looking forward to Piazza Navona. The place if rich in cultural remains, surrounded by restaurants, churches that has contributed historically, fountains and more impacting attractions.

Must see also, Trastevere. Atmosphere is unique that made is so special and different from other districts in Rome. It is known also to be an international district. Learn about Testaccio area. It is a great place for night activities. Villa Borghese, another place to see! It is the largest park in Rome surrounded by historical sculptures and museums. Via Veneto! Worn out from sight seeing and want to shop? Go to Via Veneto, a shopping street.

The City Secrets, Pablo Conrad’s famous book, guides you all the way to Rome.